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every story has beginning....

and this is how we start

As Luna Violet's voice and spoiler I get to narrate the story :-) In this business she is my model and I am her manager. We are a team of 2! We started our custom made pet clothing and accessories as hobby, since Luna Violet loves to dress up, after few items we made and she modeled around neighborhood, we got inspired with so many positive feedback and comments that we should share our line of clothing to other fur baby, and so here we are...

Some other collections that we incorporate on this website were carefully chosen from the dealer we trust and Luna is enjoying too. We chose homemade for treats, less ingredients result of better health for our fur baby.

Little by little we will add on to our products and we do hope you will give it a try too. I love spoiling my baby, which most pet parents I know they do same thing. We promise that we will make and search for prices that are reasonable and affordable but the fun and enjoyment will remain.

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Every story has beginning: About Us
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